Amazing Possibilities

Preserved Moss Artwork

When most people think of fine art mediums, they might think of oil paints and watercolors or abstract sculptures. At TrueVert®, however, we think of preserved moss. Yes, you read that correctly: Preserved moss can be used to create stunningly beautiful works of art.

If you aren’t familiar with moss, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is that greenish-brown “stuff” that grows on trees and forest floors. In reality, preserved moss is much different (and much more versatile!) then the live plant you’d find in nature.


One-of-kind art piece

Products and materials are all handmade in USA gardens, highest quality floral decor.

Real preserved 100% natural moss.

No maintenance. Requires no light, watering or trimming, and makes great gifts.

Bring the beauty and lush feel of a garden indoors without all the work of caring for live plants!

Made with love.