Described as one of the hottest home decor trends for 2019, moss artwork is having a moment in the spotlight thanks to its natural beauty and easy upkeep. Crafted from a variety of preserved mosses, these green walls and art pieces continue to rise in popularity as both commercial and residential decor.

Moss Artwork’s Peaceful Past

Despite its current appeal, modern moss art dates back over a thousand years to ancient Japan. According to Inhabitat, Zen Buddhist monks enjoyed the “cool tranquility” of moss that grew in their temple gardens. They cultivated the moss on stones and walls, believing the plant to be a symbol of harmony, age and meditation.

Today, moss artwork retains its zen roots by bringing nature’s soothing effects to any space it occupies. In fact, many businesses are taking advantage of nature’s health benefits as the importance of corporate wellness continues to be a popular focal point. Studies have shownthat living walls and greenery in general can help with everything from increasing worker productivity to decreasing workplace stress, so adding some moss artwork to the office not only beautifies the space, but can boost office morale.

Low Maintenance, High Style

Calming benefits aren’t the only thing moss artwork has going for it—the greenery also happens to be stunningly beautiful and easy to care for. What makes it so low maintenance? The answer is in the preserved moss. Unlike other living walls and green wall installations, moss artwork is made from moss that has undergone a conservation and stabilization process. It does not require water, specific light, trimming or pruning. And, because there is no soil, there is no need to worry about infestations. Thanks to these features, moss walls can last indefinitely, bringing maintenance-free nature to your space, day after day.

Moss artwork’s beauty also makes it highly covetable as indoor decor. Preserved moss comes in many varieties including sheet, reindeer, pillow, mood and fern moss. It can also range in color, texture and density.

Get a Custom Moss Piece Made by TrueVert®

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